Thermistors Unlimited

Thermistors Unlimited

PO Box 249 1028 Graphite Road Saint Marys PA USA


At Thermistors Unlimited we manufacture a broad range of PTC thermistors (Positive Temperature Coefficient) for applications ranging from heater elements to motor temperature validation, to overcurrent protection in electronics. The range of industries is very broad and covers customers in Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, and Defense, along with many others. At Thermistors Unlimited, we specialize in the design and manufacture of PTC elements in many different shapes and sizes, with disc and rectangular being the most popular. In addition, we utilize the many different shapes and sizes available to manufacture unique custom heater assemblies, and our single-sided heaters offer some very important solutions to some of the more complex applications. We pride ourselves on providing a fast turnaround on samples and prototypes.

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