Local Jobs

There’s an incredible amount of opportunity in St. Marys and Elk County for jobs and careers! See the latest job postings and find your new passion today!

Industry in St. Marys

Lumbering, tanning, and agriculture flourished in St. Marys in the 1870’s but began to decline around the turn of the century. At the same time, however, the establishment of the Speer Carbon Company gave the area’s carbon/graphite industry its start.

Industrial Development

St. Marys offers a unique blend of an established industrial base and a promising potential for future growth. With an illustrious tradition of innovative manufacturing technology, bountiful natural resources, and the determination of skilled people, St. Marys has been the birthplace of a number of worldwide industries.

Commercial Development

Commercial development is strong and getting stronger in the St. Marys Area, with a retail/service sector that has something for every demographic from Boomers to Zeds. A unique combination of long-time local establishments and innovative start-ups offer products and services that range from classic to cutting edge, giving the area’s business districts broad appeal.

The DISCOVER Partnership

The DISCOVER Partnership is a unique program that addresses one of the most important issues facing rural communities everyhere: keeping young people in the area.